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Boosting Self-Support and CX With inSided-Salesforce Integration

By Guncha Kishore on Mar 07, 2023 in Blog

Businesses, worldwide, leverage inSided and Salesforce to manage their online operations.

An interactive, robust community platform, inSided enables you to create and manage your branded online community.

Salesforce, on the other hand, is a robust solution that empowers organizations to deliver exceptional support to their customers.

Both platforms dominate their niche. And, combining their capabilities can bring business growth beyond expectations.

But the main question is, how do you create seamless collaboration between your business solutions? A bi-directional community-CRM integration can be your solution.

Let’s dive deeper to decode how inSided-Salesforce integration can empower organizations.

Top 5 Advantages of inSided-Salesforce Integration

inSided and Salesforce are two renowned and capable platforms. But managing them in silos can get overwhelming for your team. That’s why integration becomes essential as it can enable you to achieve more than just efficiency. Some of the major benefits of inSided-Salesforce integration are –


1. Streamlined Business Solutions

Switching between inSided community and Salesforce CRM can make your business process inefficient. On the contrary, creating a seamless integration between platforms can eliminate unnecessary switching. The information gets reflected on both platforms in real-time, equipping your support team and community members with transparent case management. As a result, you get streamlined business operations for maximized support productivity.

2. Refined Search Capabilities

The integration enables members to search for knowledge resources in the community itself. The ability to find the right solution, directly in the community makes the entire experience smoother and better. As a result, the community leaves a lasting impression on the members. Moreover, you might want to ensure that your members are getting the ‘right’ content instead of the ‘best’ content. So, instead of blindly delivering the most read or engaged thread, your community members would appreciate relevant content that interests them. And, equipping your integration with advanced features like ‘suggestive search’ assures that your community members can find exactly what they need, quickly.

3. Improved Customer Engagement

When community members can’t find the content they’re looking for, they will ultimately reach out to manned assistance. If they have to switch platforms to get the required help, their return is highly unlikely. But, the integration eliminates these odds by enabling them with their preferred assistance. Your community members can receive both self-help and manned support directly from the community. Hence, customer engagement and retention soar.

4. Reduced Number of Queries

Handling one-on-one queries can leave your support team unmotivated and inefficient. When they have to resolve the same queries over and over, their jobs get monotonous. So, what can be done about it? One surefire way to overcome this is by turning conversations into searchable content resources. So, whenever your community members run into trouble and try to raise a query, the integration will display similar cases. They’d find the solution without having to get in touch with the support team. Consequently, the case gets deflected and allows your team to work closely with customers instead of tackling menial queries.

5. Lowered Customer Support Expenses

Salesforce is a leading CRM provider that can help you grow your business with its robust features. As your business grows, so does your customer base. And to accommodate all your customers on Salesforce, you have to purchase user license. In addition, you need to expand your support team to ensure all your customers get their undivided attention. That’s how businesses end up with increased support costs. But integration can work wonders. Not only it eliminates the need for accommodating customers on Salesforce but also boosts the efficiency of your existing team. Having said that, you achieve lowered user licensing costs and optimized support delivery efforts.

Now that we’re aware of the benefits of integration, let’s move on to the bigger question. So, how to integrate inSided and Salesforce? Introducing – KaseSync Case Connector.

From the house of Grazitti, this robust solution is compatible with various community and CRM platforms. It creates a bi-directional integration between the platforms to simplify over-complicated business processes and boost business efficiency.

And, you guessed it right, KaseSync enables you to integrate your inSided-Salesforce platforms. So, next time, whenever your inSided-community members raise a query, your support rep can respond directly from Salesforce. What’s more? The changes will be reflected in real-time on both ends. That is how you enable your community members with proactive support delivery and stellar community experience.

Not sure if you’re using your community to its full potential? Check out KaseSync, to unleash the maximum potential of your branded community. Or you can drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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