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Accelerate Support Delivery and
Take CX a Notch Up With KaseSync

Product Features




Bi-Directional Data Sync

When your community users aren’t satisfied with digital support, enable them with expert support through bi-directional data flow. KaseSync allows members to escalate cases from the community and support reps to respond from CRM, directly. It accelerates the overall case resolution process.

Automatic Post-to-Case Escalation

Automatic case escalation ensures no post or query goes unanswered. With KaseSync, witness automatic escalation of unanswered posts after 7 days (or defined time interval). The Seamless Data Sync between community and CRM improves coordination between members and service experts.


Robust Administrative Control

Configure the case connector with utmost ease to ensure that it resonates with your brand tone, guidelines, and values. With the easy-to-use user interface of KaseSync, you can effortlessly modify settings, customize fields, case layouts, and a lot more.




Hassle-Free Case Management

Deliver a top-notch customer experience by gaining a 360-degree view of cases and relevant updates on a single screen. Bi-directional data flow enables customers and support reps to view updates in real-time on their respective ends. It encourages quick and transparent case management.

Seamless Partner Support

Empower your partners to keep track of all cases on behalf of their clients by enabling them to create, view, and comment on the cases. Build better relationships by powering your partners up with better assistance to their customers through transparent case management.



Improve Self-Service in Your Online Community and Unleash its Full Potential