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About KaseSync: Our Introduction

KaseSync, a cutting-edge case connector developed by Grazitti Interactive, has been a driving force in the digital growth of global enterprises since its debut in 2018

Grazitti’s comprehensive suite of products and services has played a pivotal role in aiding over 1000 customers, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, in establishing and enhancing their digital presence.

KaseSync, ensures a quick and efficient exchange of information between diverse online communities and CRM platforms. In essence, the product stands as a transformative asset, offering advanced capabilities for optimized case management.

From Concept to Creation: The Origin of Our Story

KaseSync, formerly known as the Khoros-Salesforce Connector, was initially designed for a particular community and CRM system. But looking into the market demand and ask – we, at Grazitti, planned to expand the product by introducing multiple CRMs and communities into it. As a result we added CRMs like; Salesforce Service Cloud, NetSuite, Zendesk, MS Dynamics and community platforms like; Khoros, Higher Logic-Vanilla, Hivebrite, InSided in our product ecosystem marking a significant milestone in seamlessly integrating community platforms with CRM systems.

Behind this transformation are three key insights:
Centralizing Communities

Centralizing Communities as a One-Stop Solution

Companies sought to streamline operations by consolidating their community functions, such as case creation and engagement, into a unified platform. KaseSync emerged to address these needs, promising a holistic solution and maximizing the benefits for community managers.

Cutting CRM License Costs

Cutting CRM License Costs

Recognizing the financial strain caused by acquiring numerous CRM licenses, organizations turned to community-CRM integration to optimize costs without compromising on functionality. This strategic move not only eased budget constraints but also enhanced support productivity by 35%.

Customizing Support Portals

Customizing Support Portals for Enhanced Flexibility

Companies desired a tailored approach to their support portals, a departure from the standardized Salesforce support portal. KaseSync offered the flexibility to customize community interfaces according to specific needs, providing a unique and personalized user experience.

Our Roadmap: The Evolutionary Journey


Introduced a transformative connector, initially syncing Khoros and Salesforce for enhanced coordination.


Rebranded as KaseSync, launched, and seamlessly integrated communication and ticketing tools like Jira.


Expanded capabilities by integrating a support portal, revamped Admin Panel, introducing a range of new user-centric features.

Our Roadmap


Advanced efforts focused on the connector, introducing an admin panel and KB sync, improving the overall performance.


Evolved into the comprehensive Khoros Salesforce Connector, expanding to platforms like Vanilla, Higher Logic, Zendesk, and MS Dynamics.


Reached new heights with a dedicated website, upgraded tech stack, and the introduction of premium features. Added solution pages for platforms like Vanilla and Salesforce.


Exploring Ecosystem Compatibilities: Our Integration Prowess

At KaseSync, our capabilities extend beyond integrating community platforms with CRM tools. We also seamlessly support integration with a diverse range of other essential tools, as outlined below:

Exploring Ecosystem Compatibilities

Our Success Stories: An Industry-Specific View

Our Esteemed Customers

AWID Smart-Recruiters D2L

Leadership Excellence: The Faces Behind Us


Alok Ramsisaria

Chief Executive Officer


Neeta Ramsisaria

Chief Operating Officer


Shivraj Asthana



Maneesh Kumar

VP, Sales


Atul Sharma

Director, Salesforce


Vishal Sharma

CTO, SearchUnify

Masters of the Product Realm


Shaveta Sharma

Technical Delivery Manager

Grazitti Interactive


Vikas Bedwal

Technical Lead

Grazitti Interactive
Khoros All-Star


Varun Kashyap

Sr. Software Engineer

Grazitti Interactive

Our Expertise in Delivering Robust Community and CRM Solutions

Partnership With Top CRM System


Partnership With Top Community Platforms

khoros logic bettermode

Our Salesforce Expertise & Recognition

As a Salesforce consulting and optimization partner, we at Grazitti Interactive are proud to be accredited as an ‘Innovator’ in the Salesforce ecosystem by NelsonHall. Additionally, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve been recognized among the top 15 Salesforce consultants in the USA by CRM Consulting.


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