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Find Out How KaseSync Can
Transform Your Online Community

Use Cases

Swift Case Escalation
Deliver a stellar customer experience by enabling your members to raise requests directly from the community. Make the entire case escalation process time-efficient by eliminating unnecessary steps like reaching out to the support team.
Improve Case Deflection
Increase case deflection rate by keeping community knowledge organized. Enable members to navigate to useful resources whenever required for easy self-service.
Quick Updates
Provide real-time updates to your community members regarding the status of their cases. And, community members experience a quicker case resolution process.
Fetch Relevant Content Quickly
Boost self-service in your community by empowering members to search for existing cases directly. With Suggestive search, members can navigate to existing cases quickly and find relevant solutions.
Integrate for Better Coordination
Streamline coordination between your community and CRM by syncing updates. Both community members and support reps can access and view case updates in real-time.
Smooth Case Management
Experience hassle-free case management by enabling members to update the status of ongoing cases directly from the community.
Automatic Case Escalation
Simplify your customer support process by implementing automatic case escalation in communities. Automatically escalate new cases created by members in the community to CRM.
Higher Compatibility

Integrate your choice of community platform like Khoros, Higher Logic community platform, Vanilla community, etc., with any CRM platform such as Salesforce Service Cloud, NetSuite CRM, etc., with KaseSync.

Reduce Support Costs
Equip your online community with advanced features like suggestive search and quick case escalation to cut down support costs.
Faster Case Resolution
Accelerate the case management process through real-time updates on both ends. Members can mark the case as ‘resolved’ after getting a satisfactory response.

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