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Combat Complex Business Challenges With KaseSync-Enabled Communities

By Khushboo Mandal on Apr 21, 2023 in Blog

In this highly social world, online communities are crucial for facilitating effective communication with customers in the business landscape. They empower organizations to acquire more customers, increase engagement, and retain them.

With the growing popularity of the channel, it is becoming challenging for many B2B communities to stand out. Thus, organizations have started integrating emerging technologies in their communities to deliver a stellar CX.

That’s not all! Besides boosting engagement and elevating CX, communities are enabling businesses in achieving other business goals as well.

Embedding advanced features in your community isn’t a straightforward process. It requires some technical expertise. But, the benefits are exceptional which makes all the difference.

One of these advanced utilities is KaseSync, which offers seamless community-CRM integration.

Let’s understand why you need this integration in the first place and what challenges it addresses.

Online Community and CRM Integration

What is the key to effective community engagement? Building a trustworthy relationship with the community users. And, how do brands achieve that? Through proactive communication. Whether customers want to share ideas, leave feedback, or seek assistance, the brand must offer a prompt response. This is how you make your community members feel heard and turn them into brand loyalists.

So, the main question is how does community-CRM integration help? The answer is simple-when you eliminate the unnecessary barriers between your customers and experts, you empower your community with a stellar CX. In fact, it addresses more business challenges than you can imagine. Let’s find out.

3 Common Business Challenges of Running Community-CRM in Silos

If you run your community on a dedicated community platform and support on a CRM platform, you might be experiencing the following challenges-


1. Community Members Abandoning Community: You can have a team of community managers and moderators to constantly engage with your community members. Despite that, your community members will need technical assistance from your support experts, here and there. To do that, your community members will have to reach out to your support reps via calls or navigating to your CRM. And, once they have to leave your community, it is highly unlikely that they would return. You’ll end up losing your community members and potential customers.

2. Repetitive Queries Causing Work Overhead on Support Reps: The possibility is multiple customers are reaching out to your support team regarding the same problem. This happens when your customers are unable to find the right knowledge resource to resolve their queries. So, the volume of repetitive queries increases leading to inefficient support delivery.

3. Increasing Support Expense As Business Grows: As you scale, you need to accommodate more customers on your CRM. And, most CRM platforms require you to purchase more user licenses as your customer base grows. Ultimately, it increases your support expense.

So, is there a solution to all these challenges?

The Solution

Fortunately, yes. If you are running your community on a dedicated community platform like Khoros, Higher Logic, Vanilla, etc., and CRM on Salesforce or Netsuite, we have just the solution for you.

Enter- KaseSync Case Connector

As the name suggests, this utility acts like a bridge, connecting your community with your CRM. It is a one-stop solution to all the above-mentioned challenges. It addresses the first challenge with the bi-directional integration feature. Seamless data syncing enables your community members to seek technical support directly from the community. And, eliminates the need for navigating to the CRM or any other platform. They can raise their query in the community itself, and it will be reflected on the support team’s end. Similarly, the support team can access and respond to queries directly from the CRM. This not only fast-tracks the entire case escalation and resolution process but also keeps the members hooked to the community.

Moreover, it comes with a suggestive search feature. It means you can build a knowledge base in your community to address the frequently encountered issues. That way, whenever your community members face a simple issue, they can search in the community. This feature will show the relevant results regarding past cases that experienced the same issue along with the solution. It will empower your community members with self-service and will ultimately lead to a higher case deflection rate. As a result, you will experience –


Lastly, when your customers are empowered with self-service, you won’t need a huge support team. A few technical experts will suffice. Moreover, when your community members can experience effective case management in the community, you don’t have to purchase licenses to accommodate customers on the CRM platform. As a result, you will be able to cut support expenses down, significantly.



As a brand, it becomes essential for you to understand your customers’ expectations and meet them. And, KaseSync is an effective solution to your many business challenges. All you need to do is deploy this utility and bridge the gap between your customers and the support team. As a business, you must understand the benefits of delivering a stellar customer experience.

Make your online community stand out with Grazitti’s out-of-the-box utilities. To know more about KaseSync, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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