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Elevate, Engage, Excel With Community-CRM Integration

Achieve business success by harnessing the power of collaboration with KaseSync by Grazitti Interactive  

Think Community-CRM Integration? Think KaseSync

KaseSync is a revolutionary case connector that enables seamless bi-directional integration between online community & CRM platforms. Empower your customer support initiatives and elevate your CX with hassle-free case management, robust admin control, and stellar partner support.

How KaseSync Helped 6sense Remove Friction From Their Support Process

Catch Heather Foe, Senior Director of Customer Marketing & Communities, sharing insights on how KaseSync benefited 6sense, a leader in B2B intelligence, at Community (re)Focus, 2023.

In exploring the evolution of the client's support infrastructure and the transformative impact of KaseSync, we delve into four key aspects:

  • How KaseSync enabled 6Sense to increase their case deflection rate?
  • What strategies led 6Sense to be able to improve their community engagement?
  • How KaseSync empowered 6Sense to reduce their support costs?
  • What were the key drivers behind 6Sense's rise in support productivity?

Our Range of Native Integrations

  • Integrate Khoros with Salesforce, NetSuite, Zendesk, MS Dynamics, and more
  • Integrate Higher Logic with Salesforce, NetSuite, Zendesk, MS Dynamics, and more
  • Integrate Vanilla with Salesforce, Zendesk, NetSuite, MS Dynamics, and more
  • Integrate Hivebrite with Salesforce, Zendesk, NetSuite, MS Dynamics, and more
  • Integrate InSided with Salesforce, Zendesk, NetSuite, MS Dynamics, and more
  • *You can integrate your choice of community-CRM with KaseSync

Choose the Platforms You Want to Integrate and Start Your Custom Setup

KaseSync Integrations - Connect Your Community and CRM Platforms

Choose the platforms you want to integrate to start your custom setup.

Streamline Support Delivery and Enrich Your Customer Experience With KaseSync

Connect and Conquer: Witness 2X Team Productivity With Community-CRM Integration


Increase in Case Deflection Rate

Make resource navigation a breeze with the advanced federated search feature that displays relevant resources to community users.


Higher Community Engagement

Enable community users to create support cases with just one click. The Automatic Case Escalation feature guarantees that no posts or queries are left unanswered.


Decrease in Customer Support Costs

Ensure customer satisfaction by delivering quick support. Leverage your community’s resources for efficient, 24x7 self-service availability.


Boost in Support Productivity

Empower support representatives to prioritize critical cases by converting discussion threads into resources.


Reduction in Salesforce License Cost

Witness 83% reduction in user licensing costs, all while streamlining case escalation.


Increase in Case Resolution Time

Real-time data sync warrants a transparent case management process. Both customers and the support team can access recent updates instantly.


Our Valued Customers

Our Customer Reduced Their Support Costs by $1M With KaseSync

Expanding Integration Capabilities

Kasesync now seamlessly integrates community platforms with communication and ticketing tools, respectively. Experience real-time collaboration by syncing community & communication tools like; MS Teams, Slack, Gchat, and Skype, empowering you with instant notifications and direct responses. That's not all, now you can automate workflows with community & Jira integration, converting ideas into Jira tickets, all while ensuring transparency and coordination.

Integrate More Seamlessly: Added Utilities in KaseSync

Added Utilities Added Utilities Added Utilities Added Utilities Added Utilities
Advantages of Community-Ticketing Tool Integration
  • Automated Ideas-to-Ticket Process
  • Engagement-Driven Threshold Setting
  • Enhanced Bi-directional Synchronization
Advantages of Community-Communication Tools Integration
  • Real-Time Keyword Alerts
  • Customizable Mapping Configuration
  • Flexible Remote Moderation


Here's Why Our Customers Love Us


What all community platforms can be integrated with CRM platforms using KaseSync?
KaseSync can integrate community platforms like Khoros, Higher Logic, Vanilla, Hivebrite, and more with CRM platforms like; Salesforce, NetSuite, etc.
KaseSync offers a powerful solution for enhancing case deflection rates. One of its standout features is an advanced federated search capability. This functionality empowers members to easily locate resources, such as articles, blogs, videos, tutorials, and more. By providing access to these resources, members can proactively address their inquiries before resorting to case escalation.
KaseSync is compatible with a variety of CRM platforms like Salesforce, NetSuite, Zendesk, MS Dynamics, and more.
If a community post remains unaddressed for X number of days then it automatically converts into a case with KaseSync’s - Automatic Post-to-Case Escalation feature.
KaseSync's Rich-Text-Editor (RTE) enables community members to align attachments with their comments. This feature goes beyond simple text by offering formatting options and the ability to directly paste images. This dynamic functionality transforms customer interactions into engaging and interactive conversations.
KaseSync eliminates 25 MB limitation on file attachment size and comment description length imposed by Salesforce. Community members can freely express their challenges in detail, enhancing customer feedback and improving overall engagement with the platform.