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Integrating Khoros Community With
Salesforce Service Cloud

Bi-Directional Khoros-Salesforce
Integration for Superior CX

The Khoros-Salesforce integration creates a seamless flow of data between your platforms. This allows for a more comprehensive view of customers for delivering positive experiences that meet their expectations. As a result, brands experience unparalleled collaboration across teams for higher productivity and accurate reporting.

  • Decentralized Customer Data for Meaningful Customer Insights
  • Improved Support Processes for Higher Engagement
  • Enhanced Analytics and Reporting for Data-Driven Decisions

From Silos to Collaboration: Before and After
Khoros-Salesforce Integration

Without Khoros-Salesforce Integration
  • Higher Salesforce licensing costs
  • Scattered data on multiple platforms
  • Ambiguous customer journeys
  • Lengthier customer support processes

With Khoros-Salesforce Integration
  • Cost-effective customer service
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Transparent customer journey monitoring
  • Quick, immersive support experiences

CRM Integrations Compatible With Khoros






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