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Reducing Salesforce User Licensing Costs by 83%: A Khoros Integration Success Story

By Subhodeep Mukherjee on Oct 17, 2023 in Blog

In today’s competitive landscape, delivering exceptional customer assistance is essential for any successful company.

This is especially true for a company that is experiencing rapid growth. As the pre-existing support delivery processes become increasingly inefficient in dealing with an influx of new users, the challenge compounds further as the rise in user licensing costs also becomes a major concern.

One of our customers, a leading web-based solutions provider, was in a similar conundrum and wanted a way to enhance their support facilities to better serve their users.

This blog post highlights their journey to delivering unmatched customer service by integrating their Khoros community with Salesforce Service Cloud.

The outcome was a streamlined support delivery process, reduced licensing costs, and improved user experience.

Let’s explore further!

Meet the Customer

The customer empowers trade businesses worldwide. Their cloud-based, end-to-end solutions cater to contractors’ needs, offering features such as dispatch, custom forms, QuickBooks integration, automated reports, and more. Renowned in the industry, the customer has earned the prestigious recognition of Forbes Cloud 100 and is trusted by over 5,000 successful field services companies.

Understanding the Customer’s Requirement

Previously, the customer hosted their community on Salesforce Experience Cloud. However, they faced challenges with their support delivery process, which was unnecessarily lengthy, and user licensing costs were increasing with their expanding customer base. To overcome these hurdles and improve their customer assistance, the customer made the decision to migrate their community to Khoros, a platform powered by efficient self-service and support. The primary goal was to create a custom community with seamless integration between the community and CRM to reduce licensing costs and provide a smoother support experience.


Delivering Exemplary Customer Support

The customer’s objective was clear – to deliver exceptional support to the users. However, with users scattered across different platforms (community and CRM), achieving this goal posed challenges. To address this, they aimed to build a custom community with robust support facilities and transparent case management. This would not only streamline support delivery but also reduce manual work for the support team, ensuring a more efficient process overall.

The Solution: Seamless Integration and Customized Support

After careful analysis of the customer’s requirements, the team devised a comprehensive solution that would bridge the gap between their community and Salesforce CRM. The key elements of the solution included:

Support Tab: A ‘Support’ tab was strategically added to the community, allowing users to seek technical assistance directly from the community platform. This eliminated the need to navigate to Salesforce for support, saving time and effort for the users.

Custom Forms: To enhance user engagement and experience, three custom forms – Email, Phone, and Live Chat – were designed and integrated into the customer’s community. This allowed users to choose their preferred mode of communication for seeking support.

Bi-Directional Data Sync: Transparent case management was achieved through bi-directional data synchronization between the community and CRM enabling easy case escalation.

Custom Community Object and Branding: A custom community object was added to capture the users’ recent community behavior, including cases created and kudos received. Moreover, a custom color scheme was implemented to complement the customer’s branding and create a cohesive visual identity.

Post-Deployment Support: To ensure a smooth transition and continued success, the team provided free post-deployment support for one year. They promptly addressed any technical issues that arose during this period, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for the customer.

Stellar Support and Improved User Experience

With the successful integration of their Khoros community with Salesforce Service Cloud, the customer achieved remarkable results. The bi-directional data flow empowered the community with transparent case management and quick case resolution, leading to an overall improvement in self-service. Users were now able to enjoy a sublime support experience, and the support team witnessed a reduction in manual work with enhanced self-service capabilities. Moreover, the customer’s decision to build a custom community helped them cut down on licensing costs, resulting in significant savings for the company.

Results: How This Integration Helped Our Customer

The integration of the Khoros platform with the Salesforce Service Cloud yielded significant benefits for the customer:

Image 1

  • 35% Reduction in Support Costs: Streamlined processes and increased agent productivity led to substantial cost savings in support operations.
  • 83% Reduction in Salesforce User Licensing Costs: The customers were now able to create cases directly in the community, without redirection to CRM. This led to a potential reduction in the required number of Salesforce licenses for general customer support.
  • 35% Increase in Support Productivity: Real-time access to customer information and streamlined workflows resulted in faster response times and improved support productivity.
  • 30% Increase in Community Engagement: The integration facilitated enhanced communication and collaboration within the customer community, resulting in increased engagement and satisfaction.

In Conclusion

By implementing a seamless integration, customizing support facilities, and providing exemplary assistance, the customer successfully enhanced their support process. The outcome was a win-win for both the customer and their users, as the streamlined support delivery and improved self-service capabilities elevated the overall user experience.

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