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Maximizing Support Productivity With Higher Logic – Salesforce Integration

By Khushboo Mandal on Nov 05, 2022 in Blog

Customers, today, are expecting quick and personalized interactions from brands.

And so, brands are now investing in scaling their infrastructure by leveraging advanced tools, utilities, and platforms to cater to their customers.

Salesforce is one of the leading CRM platforms preferred by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Similarly, Higher Logic is a leading online community platform that offers the most robust features. 

However, the issue rises when the support staff has to go back and forth between these platforms to handle customer queries. 

It can get overwhelming. So, is there a solution?

The answer is integration.

Integrating community and CRM platforms can provide seamless support and boost the overall CX. Let’s decipher what integrating Higher logic with Salesforce means for a business. 

Higher Logic-Salesforce: Understanding the Integration

Higher Logic is one of the leading online community platforms known for offering flexible, dedicated communities. This platform allows organizations to build different types of communities including customer, partner, and employee communities. Depending on their requirement, organizations can build a community for networking, ideation, feedback, support, etc. 

Salesforce, on the other hand, is a cloud-based CRM platform that allows an organization to build and maintain long-term relationships with its customers. It keeps track of the customer data in real-time and allows different teams like sales, marketing, and support to work with that data. Most organizations use Salesforce to deliver support to their customers. They allow their customers to reach them through email, text, live chat, or calls to seek assistance. 

CRM and community are essential for organizations in the current digital-first business era. While CRM allows them to track and organize customer data, the community allows them to connect with customers. Since smooth collaboration is the key to efficiency, integrating these two platforms can result in optimized performance. 

So, how does integrating Higher Logic and Salesforce help an organization? Imagine a company already has a community full of its customers. They talk about the brand, share feedback, suggestions, and ideas. But when they encounter any problem, they have to leave the community and navigate to Salesforce to seek assistance. It results in unnecessarily longer case resolution time and poor customer experience. This is why integration is needed. It allows community members to seek expert assistance directly from the community instead of navigating to CRM. It cuts down the case resolution time significantly and ensures an overall better customer experience. 

Benefits of Higher Logic – Salesforce Integration

Here are some other benefits of integrating your Higher Logic community with Salesforce CRM –


  1. Real-time Communication

The collaboration of two platforms ensures real-time, data sync. It means whenever a community member raises a query it is reflected on the CRM end, and vice-versa, immediately. Thus, support team members can work closely with customers and connect on a deeper level. 

  1. Better Customer Support Delivery 

The integration cuts down the unnecessary steps in case resolution. In return, the community combined with your support capabilities delivers a quick case escalation and management process. 

  1. Streamlined Operations 

With the integration, organizations can establish a transparent case management process. It allows users on both ends to access and edit the status of the cases. Thus, the streamlined case management process ensures that 100% of cases/queries get instant responses. Consequently, case handling becomes seamless and easier. 

  1. Superior Customer Experience

When there is no going back and forth between different platforms and utilities, the customers feel comfortable asking for assistance. Thus, the quality of support improves leading to a superior customer experience. 

  1. Improved Member Retention 

If customers are not getting everything they’d hoped for, they have no reason to stay. And, if your community members leave your community, their likelihood of returning to the community reduces. That is why integration is essential. It ensures that community members don’t have to leave the community and get everything served on a silver platter. Suitably, engagement and retention boost. 

Here comes the main question – how can a brand integrate the two platforms? 


This is where KaseSync works its magic. 

It is a case connector designed to connect community and CRM platform for real-time, seamless data sync through bi-directional information flow. It means whenever a community escalates a case in the community, it gets reflected on the CRM system on the spot. Similarly, when the support team addresses the case, the case gets updated in the community immediately. As a result, case resolution time reduces, support delivery optimizes, and engagement boosts. Ultimately, leading to a superlative customer experience. 

Salesforce and Higher Logic are two capable platforms that offer some unique benefits. When you integrate these two capable platforms, you can reap the combined benefits. Leverage KaseSync to allow your support team to deliver proactive support to your customers. And, enable your customers with superlative support and community experience.

Wish to Establish a Bi-Directional Flow of Information Between Your Online Community and CRM Platforms? Talk to Us!

Are you delivering the best support experience to your community members? Or is your community still lacking? Check out how KaseSync makes it possible. Or just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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