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Top 10 Business Use Cases of Community-CRM Integration and Understanding the Role of KaseSync

By Vikas Bedwal on Feb 28, 2023 in Blog

For business success, building and nurturing its customer base is essential. And, enabling them with positive experiences is the way to do it.

That’s why businesses leverage online communities to connect with their customers and make them feel heard. However, a typical community platform isn’t equipped with the advanced features needed to deliver seamless assistance to customers. So, they leverage CRM platforms to utilize customer data and build sustainable relationships.

But, dependency on two platforms can hamper your overall efficiency. Having said that, online community and CRM integration can be the most effective way to overcome this challenge. And, the right custom solution can make it all possible.

Keeping that in mind, our community maestros developed this innovative connector, KaseSync.

This case connector encompasses a whole suite of powerful features that are result-oriented and bring immediate benefits. KaseSync boasts flexible capabilities that can be scaled up or down as per your business niche.

Some of its prominent business use cases are –


1. Quick Case Escalation

KaseSync enables your online community members with one-click case escalation. All they need to do is click on ‘Escalate Case’ and everything including comments and attachments will be sent across to the support team. This easy-to-use feature eliminates hesitation and encourages customers to seek assistance without delays.

2. Effortless Integration

With bi-directional data flow, it equips your community and CRM with seamless coordination. The two-way data sync eliminates the need for users to navigate to the platforms and get the preferred assistance directly from the community.

3. Automatic Post-to-Case Escalation

Not all queries posted in your community get adequate solutions in response. But manually finding the unanswered queries and responding to them may reduce the efficiency of your support team. To combat this, KaseSync offers automatic case escalation. You can define the timeframe and if the post doesn’t get an adequate solution, it will automatically be escalated as a case. It ensures seamless, efficient support by letting no query in your community go unanswered.

4. Quick Updates

To keep things flowing smoothly in the community, it is vital that both your community users and support teams are aware of what’s happening. That’s why KaseSync comes with real-time updates. It means the changes made on any of the platforms are reflected in real-time on all integrated platforms.

5. Fetch Relevant Content

If your members are unable to find the right resource when needed, having a rich resource library is all in vain. KaseSync comes with a federated search option that fetches relevant resources from all integrated platforms. This feature equips your members with relevant resources when needed and boosts your case deflection rate.


6. Improve Case Deflection

69%[i] of consumers first try to troubleshoot their problems independently. Since most of your members are looking for self-service, all you need to do is equip them with relevant resources. That’s how KaseSync improves self-service across your community through suggestive search. And, boosts the productivity of your team by eliminating recurring queries.

7. Transparent Case Management

Manual updates in independent platforms can lead to redundant and complex management of cases. KaseSync eliminates this issue by enabling integrated platforms with real-time updates. With real-time updates, members reap the benefit of transparent case management.

8. Higher Compatibility

KaseSync is a custom solution and is designed to fit a wide array of business requirements. Hence, it is compatible with a number of community and CRM platforms like Khoros, Higher-Logic, Vanilla, Salesforce, NetSuite, Zendesk, and more.

9. Reduce Support Costs

Some CRM solutions require user licensing to accommodate the growing number of customers. Thus, your support costs increase as your customer base grows. KaseSync integrates your community and CRM platforms to equip your community members with expert assistance. As a result, the support expenses reduce substantially.

10. Faster Case Resolution

The connector creates a bi-directional flow of data to eliminate unnecessary switching between platforms. Plus, the real-time updates fast-track the entire process. Having said that, community members experience quick case resolution.

KaseSync is designed to streamline community and CRM platforms. With features like bi-directional data flow, case escalation, case management, etc., KaseSync can derive the best value out of your community-CRM integration. So, leverage this utility to reduce support expenses, case resolution time, and more, all while delivering superior CX to your members.

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